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Top 10 Food Processing and Packaging Tech Solution Companies in APAC – 2021

After the unprecedented and tumultuous 2020, many food and beverage (F&B) industry thought leaders have been hoping that 2021 would bring somewhat stability in this sector. However, the pandemic is expected to still influence some of the major F&B trends in the coming months. And interestingly, most of these trends are around food packaging and processing operations.

Early in the pandemic, headlines across the country focused mostly that the outbreak happened from meat manufacturing plants. Therefore, more consumers started looking critically at where their food comes from and who makes it. And according to experts, this theme will be prevailing even in the post-pandemic stage, with technology working to make food and workers safer. This trend will require F&B companies to bring in more transparency throughout the supply chain, which can be achieved with new packaging technologies such as invisible barcodes. Adjacently, many other innovations are also debuting into the spotlight, like digital expiration date labels and smart packaging that offer real-time monitoring of food quality.

At this juncture, there is a variety of food processing and packaging tech solution providers available in the market that caters to the different business use cases. To help organizations choose the food processing and packaging tech solution providers that best fit their requirements, Food and Beverages Tech Review has compiled a list of the top 10 food processing and packaging tech solution providers. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Food and Beverages Tech Review’s, “Top 10 Food Processing and Packaging Tech Solution Companies in APAC – 2021.”

    Top Food Processing and Packaging Tech Solution Companies in APAC

  • BAADER provides the most innovative, reliable, and cost-effective processing equipment and solutions for the fish and poultry industries worldwide. They design and engineer innovative and holistic solutions that ensure intelligent, safe, efficient, and sustainable food processing in all stages, from the handling of live and raw protein materials to the finished food products. To facilitate this, BAADER has a worldwide network of service centers and subsidiaries in more than 70 countriesAuburn, WA


  • MULTIVAC is one of the world’s leading suppliers of integrated packaging solutions that focus on packaging, processing, portioning, labeling, and marking of food materials, together with food inspection and handling. Leaning on their six decades of expertise in the industry, MULTIVAC offers a comprehensive and extensive product portfolio in food packaging, which includes a broad spectrum of packaging machines catering to upstream and downstream processes, pioneering packaging technologies, and a wide range of packaging materials


  • Nantsune has introduced numerous tools for efficient and automated food processing and packaging. The company’s SCORPION CM-230 allows the user to specify the position of the thinly sliced product to be dished precisely on the food tray. Similarly, Nantsune’s AIR-2K can reliably unseal the poultry bag based on itsproprietary methodology without the use of costly 3D cameras and other sensors. On the other hand, the LIBRA series can cut irregularly shaped meat logs in fixed weight with a maximum error of ±5 percent, which is generally considered difficult even for skilled labor. All of the machines offered by Nantsune boast of excellent cost performance based on standard functions that perform the required tasks, rather than equipping with fancy functions that go unused


  • A pioneer in developing end-to-end solutions for dairy and plant-based food products. Tetra Pak has crafted a suite of connectivity functions, industry 4.0 and outcome-based solutions (OEE, OCG), and traceability functions in the food and material value chain, all of which serve as a foundation to its sustainability venture – providing food to every part of the world, without compromising on safety or quality. Tetra Pak also strives to reduce the climate impact of its offerings and manufacturing operations in close association and cooperation with customers, suppliers, and other critical stakeholders in the value chain




    Aikosha Seisakusho Co., Ltd. blends technical expertise and innovative ideas to build smart products



    MARUZEN is a manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment that develops a wide variety of kitchen equipment to meet various needs

  • Totani


    Totani Giken Kogyo is a manufacturer of bag-making machines that develops a unique expertise in overhauling machines

  • Unifiller Systems

    Unifiller Systems

    Unifiller is a leading designer & manufacturer of portion control, pumping, decorating, filling and depositing equipment solutions to bakeries and food manufacturers worldwide

  • Xiaokang Machinery

    Xiaokang Machinery

    Shandong Xiaokang Machinery Company is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise that produces Vacuum Packaging Machines

  • Yanagiya Machinery

    Yanagiya Machinery

    Yanagiya Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company whose Imitation crab meat (crab flavored seafood) production equipment and other food processing technical skills have been highly evaluated all over the world

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